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That looks like it was part of a whole house smoke detector system. Smoke detectors do have a limited life and when they start failing folks just pull them out. Since the detector was close to the furnace it could have been smoke , carbon monoxide or both. I would see if the other detectors in the home work and in any case get replacements that are ...


I have 4 First Alert smoke and CO detectors in my home that are all interconnected and are model SC9120B. The orange wire does the connecting. The sockets look exactly like the one in your photo. They make heat, smoke, CO, and combinations of these controls. They have a life expectancy of 10 years and are warranted for that long.


The Fast Stat device consists of two boxes, one located at your furnace and the other located at your thermostat location. They connect to each other using your existing two-wire thermostat cable, and they provide 6-wire connections between furnace and stat. You need to read the Fast-Stat documentation and make sure that the furnace and Ecobee are each ...


Typically an attic fan is independent of your Heating and AC. The attic fan provides cooling to the house in a way that consumes less energy and provides more fresh air than the air conditioner. It works best when the air outside is cooler than the air inside. You turn on the attic fan, open the attic door or hatch to the house, and open windows in the ...

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