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Does this message from the Fire Department suggest the fire suppression and/or alarm system may be sufficiently faulty to endanger life and property?

That message is most likely NOT from the Fire Department. You should ask this question of the building management. While I cannot guarantee the intent, it appears that the message is there in regard ...
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Gas stove do i need to convert it? Are flames normal

Natural gas and propane are different. The main difference is the pressure of the gas (natural gas is at low pressure because it is sent from the utility to you as a gas, propane is liquid inside your ...
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What is causing some of the receptacles in my trailer to not output 120V?

When I test the two wires that are hooked to the 100amp breaker, one side shows about 124V and the other only shows about 110V. The heavy imbalance between one voltage and the other indicates that ...
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Beeping/chirping sound (one soft, one loud) each minute in ceiling just above wired smoke alarm that is not the smoke alarm itself

Walking around a house trying to figure out where a faint beep is coming from can be frustrating. If you have done this, and you have successfully determined that it's coming from behind a drywall ...
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Protect deck wooden ceiling from outdoor gas heater

It is very likely that the ceiling will be damaged. Personally, I would not use it. If you are intent on using this heater, then you could use some high temperature flue tape and tape up an area a ...
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Will a toilet crack if used as a fire pit?

Personally, I'd simply get a stainless steel basin in about the right size that'll fit inside the toilet bowl (a round toilet bowl will probably work better for this than an elongated) and build the ...
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How do I determine what screws to use for a window emergency escape?

You ask valid questions and have very valid concerns about a 4th floor fire escape (I presume there is some sort of fire escape, but that's a different question). I'd recommend that you use the ...
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Better gas range venting under microwave

Is there any ... filtering vent available to mount under the microwave or to the wall under the microwave? If the filter does not fit into the microwave itself as part of the standard equipment of ...
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How can I track down a smell that smells like an electrical fault?

Best I can suggest is either trying to note which way the wind is blowing when you smell it, walking the neighborhood to see if you can narrow it down, or calling your town's fire department (info ...
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