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What is this outdoor electric component called and used for?

Follow the flex cables and see where they lead. As you say it was linked (is linked?) to a pond filter, probably it's switching pumps connected to the flex, and perhaps also lights if there are lights ...
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Several furnace vent returns, but only one filter?

It is unlikely you have filters in return duct registers. You will have 1 filter for the air handler. If air quality is a problem when the system is on then your ducts are dirty. A furnace doesn't ...
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can you combine a regular return filter if you have a electrostatic hvac filter system

past 4 years I have been using a washable electrostatic and a $2 washable 3/16" poly foam sheet additionally on top as a pre-filter... (just because), But I like to just pull the pre off more ...
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Several furnace vent returns, but only one filter?

What is pictured and probably the other grills with no filters are the service outlets where the heater air is blown into the room. The return duct ( where air is drawn back to the furnace. ) will be ...
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