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screw a fillet piece to the end of the boards the result will be much stronger than trying to cut the board to fit in the post, and will look better.


The end cut is easy on the compound miter saw. For the notch, my first thought was a router on an angled sled as Greg Hill suggested. However, thinking about it some more, I'd suggest a dado blade in the (borrowed) table saw. Use a crosscut sled to hold the fence rail (loads of examples on YouTube about building and using crosscut sleds, from simple to ...


I am a fourth generation fence company owner in Florida. In my entire career, we have set wood 4x4s in the ground without concrete as does every other fence professional around. The concrete is not smooth in a hole and holds water. Every single post set this way rots quicker right at the top of the concrete in just a few years. However soil alone packed well ...


Slightly different to the answer from @aphoria: If the post is swollen in the metpost, no amount of manual leverage is going to get the post out. Drill a hole through the centre of the post from the side OR attach some scrap wood on the side of the post If you drilled through the post put a bar through the post Use a trolley jack or bottle jack to lift the ...

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