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I'm replacing a bathroom faucet drain, but the p-trap has no nuts + trap arm is leaking

Grab a hacksaw and cut pipe G as neatly as possible and as close to the edge of coupling F as you can (run the blade against the side of F as your guide to cut nice and straight). Remove the whole ...
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Unable to detach kitchen faucet

Issue was that I didn't understand how Moen's "quick connects" worked. I was able to use a combination of fingers, pliers, and a small screwdriver to get the white piece of the quick connect ...
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How to avoid shower cord damage from brief hot water flow after shutoff hot before cold taps?

I seriously doubt that any leaking is caused by brief hot water flow. Most plastic/rubber tubing has at rating of 160 degrees F and continuous duty. You can't really avoid the damage but you might be ...
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What type of hex bolt is this

You have two parts together. The part marked with purple gets unscrewed from the part marked in yellow. The yellow part is screwed back into the shower control. The purple part is discarded and ...
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Glacier Bay two handle bathroom faucet still leaks after catridge replacement

Your faucet is worn or corroded inside where the O-ring is supposed to seal the cartridge to the faucet body. You can try to use some fine emery cloth to clean the cartridge receptacle. However you ...
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Glacier Bay two handle bathroom faucet still leaks after catridge replacement

"The hot tap leaks water around the base..." Since it's not from the faucet, and it leaks, "when either tap is turned on," then the leak is inside the faucet, between the point ...
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Okay to use dual sink faucet for water filtraton faucet?

I found this here The RO drain is a 1/4 inch pipe and it can be easily mounted on existing drain.
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Looking for guidance on wall mounted faucet spout length

The angle of the water leaving the faucet will be straight down at low flow, so unless you like dripping behind the sink every time you turn it off or on, if should be over the sink. There's nothing ...
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How to remove this Moen bathroom faucet cartridge?

A small flat screwdriver tapped between the alignment tab and the body of the stem will break the set on the o-ring and push it up slightly. Use a small hammer to tap. The tab is located on the side ...
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