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If you have to do this from below then you need to remove a large section of drywall such that you can secure the metal housing for the fan to supports. Once you need to cut a large section of drywall you might as well mark the joists and cut back to 1/2 the width of the closest joist and remove from one joist to the other, for the other dimension whatever ...


Yes, that's what "on" means. It means the air handler will keep operating, even though nothing is heating or cooling the air. Whether this is a good idea depends on how your system is setup and what is going on. If you are getting thermal separation ceiling to floor or upstairs to downstairs or sunny to shady side, it can be helpful at evening things ...


Yes. the fan will stay on until you switch it to a different setting. Even with the compressor "off" the fan will continue to run.

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