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No parts of cord-connected luminaires, chain-, cable-, or cord-suspended luminaires, lighting track, pendants, or ceiling-suspended (paddle) fans shall be located within a zone measured 900 mm (3 ft) horizontally and 2.5 m (8 ft) vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower stall threshold.


Bring the 2 vent pipes together into a Y-fitting just before the solitary pipe goes to the outdoors. The 2 fans enter the "top" of the Y and the exit air leaves the Y from the "bottom." With only 1 fan running, the air expands in the middle of the Y creating a venturi effect on the other leg. The airflow continues straight to the outside. ...


I grew up in a house with such a setup - bathrooms that were back to back each had a separate vent fan in the ceiling, which was combined into a single vent going out the roof. You'll want to figure out how to put a one-way flapper on each one before they join, so that when only one is exhausting, the exhaust will go up the roof vent and not just into the ...

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