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Looks more like an post construction box. Just a nailer strap to hold it in place... A ceiling fan box will have a spreader bar being it usually hex shaped bar attached to the joists


Can’t power bathroom receps from non-bathroom circuits A recep in a bathroom is only allowed to draw power from 2 kinds of circuits, and this is a very narrow definition: A. Circuits which only power bathroom receptacles (in any number of bathrooms) B. Circuits which only power recep or hardwired loads in this bathroom Any circuit that powers anything in ...


See UPDATE 4 and the added SUMMARY. Everything is running great now! Thanks again for all the ideas and help y'all! Much appreciated!


while you are trouble-shooting the paint-blocked soffits, you might check that they are not blocked inside your attic, especially if you have blown-in insulation. Check that you have "rafter vents" installed which provide for unobstructed ventilation from the soffits.


I would keep the ridge vent and add the powered attic roof fan like one of your pictures shows. Done right (proper attention to flashing), the fan will not leak. And the powered fan is much more effective at clearing hot hot attic air than any passive system. And do call the HoCo inspector's office. When I lived in HoCo, I found them to be very friendly ...


In my personal experience, a "real vent" on top of the roof (cupola, turbine, etc) is far more effective than continuous ridge vent, and I will in fact be retrofitting a cupola onto a roof with continuous ridge vent for exactly that reason. The space feels nearly unvented, despite "being vented" as the air movement through the ridge vent (...


If you want the area as cool as possible, run both units at high fan. A rule of thumb is 4 air changes per hour under normal humidity and 12,000 BTU (1 ton) per 500 sq.ft. If the unit is oversized, it will cool the space too quickly and cycle off before enough humidity is removed causing the walls to sweat. In very humid environments, such as along the Gulf ...


To me it sounds like your switch is failing or arcing and not providing power under load. Can you spin the fan? It should not be hard to spin Just verify prior to the next step. General purpose snap switches need to be 2x the motor rating. Turn the breaker off I would pull your high & low connections from the switch and insulate 1 take the other ...


Nothing in the box itself, nor any of it sales literature, indicates that it’s fan-rated. If it were, they’d be shouting that pretty loudly, because it’s a major feature. Fan-rated boxes are special Because fans are not a static load. A 30-pound chandelier just hangs there. A 30-pound fan vibrates and shakes. These dynamic forces are what make ceiling ...

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