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What bracket should I use to wall mount a floor fan?

Your clips will be strong enough. The issue will be mounting them to the brick wall. There are many types of masonry anchors that would suffice, but their reliability depends entirely on proper ...
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Bathroom Fan broken - cannot take out fan!

I live in a condo and had this issue. It was not fun, but it was doable. Try this: See where my pic has the 2 blue arrows. There is usually a screw or 2 on the opposite side that helps anchor the ...
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What bracket should I use to wall mount a floor fan?

You need to mitigate the vibration from the fan to your mounting points. Get some 28 Ga. Galvanized Hanger Strap like this: And mount the fan to your wall like this:
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How to replace this bathroom fan?

The snap is the tiny piece on the bottom. It should be hinged from the inner edge if it's part of the harness. A small flat head screwdriver help move it. It also looks like there's a small screw ...
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