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Why did my ceiling fan stop responding to the remote?

This is a long shot, but it has happened to me so I'll mention it. One day all my remotes in the living room stopped working at the same time. I found that someone had put a book down on top of a ...
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Why did my ceiling fan stop responding to the remote?

If you still have or can obtain the instructions for the remote, you could try re-pairing the remote to the fan control. Yes the light still works, but the little computers inside (everything nowadays ...
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How to remove this pancake box?

Don't remove it. As you said you're renting I'm going to answer for a few different scenarios. If the landlord or super or manager is able/willing to take this on, you should get their help and in ...
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Bathroom fan/light/heater not working

First off, if you installed a 20 amp dedicated circuit, you better have installed #12 AWG wire or you're in violation of the code (in the USA). The 15 amp switches are OK. A 1300 watt Bathroom heater ...
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