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How should I restore the finish on a fiberglass column?

Yes to primer, but probably not sanding unless it's an odd glossy finish that primer would have trouble adhering to. I really like acrylic paints for exterior use, and have had great use with them ...
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How to water seal roll-up storage door?

I've installed similar doors in two yard sheds I've owned over the last 25 years. As has been suggested in comments, you don't need a water seal. You need proper drainage through a suitable threshold. ...
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Large gap between slab and siding of house

If the floor above is solid and not springy, then the house foundations are probably okay. It appear that the lining is past the concrete. In some jurisdictions, you need a gap there for the water ...
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Double or triple 2x8 header over exterior door in brick foundation

With the sill plate out of the way, the theory is that you can sneak the 2x8 into the cavity from below? Then install the sill plate below it? The header bears on wood, so IRC R502.6 prescribes a ...
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How can I replace fascia boards that are larger than available lumber?

You can purchase a 1x8 board (3/4" x 7-1/2" actual) and rip it down to the required 6" of actual width. I'm not sure about the "grooves" you're talking about, but my guess is ...
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