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There are 3 main problems with a conventional dryer, which heat pump dryers aim to solve. They are creating heat rather than moving it. To boil away 1 pound of water out of your wet clothing, a dryer must bring 1100 BTU* of heat. Traditional dryers (gas or electric) create 1100 BTU of heat. That means either a) burning 1100 BTU of gas heat locally, or b) ...


You mention the outside air temperature. But most dryers are inside a house with controlled air temperatures. If this is sitting in an open shed consuming outside air, and temps are high, you might not be spending much on energy for a conventional dryer. But if it's in a house where the air conditioner is running, it's constantly sucking in the air you paid ...


I had a similar situation and used the expansion tape. This solved the hermetic problem.

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