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Do I really have to use special primer to encapsulate lead paint?

The main risk with lead paint is disturbing it, the encapsulating primer can stick to weathered surfaces without the need to sand the surface first, If the surface you are painitng is a fresh surface (...
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Do I really have to use special primer to encapsulate lead paint?

One recurring theme here is "pop" home hazards being treated like plutonium, while genuine ones that will kill you being completely ignored. The person in a fuss about asbestos will later ...
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Why can't an encapsulated and dehumidified crawl space have vents sealed off?

The reality of code is that it is written by a group of people who are influenced by tradesmen, lobbyist groups, government organizations, etc. Is the international residential code always going to ...
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How to encapsulate mastic/cutback that contains asbestos on plywood subfloor?

Floor leveler does not need lath and is super simple to do. The drawback is it can be expensive depending on how many bags you need. If any ridges or dips are no thicker than a nickel, you can put ...
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Are bare stacked bricks in crawlspace wall an issue?

Well, since nothing is resting on top of the concrete blocks on top of the loose bricks, it's not worrisome, because it's not supporting anything. It's just serving as a stone wall under your house, ...
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Lead encapsulation paint on top of high quality new paint?

Children don't get lead from mere contact with several layers of modern paint over ancient lead paint. They get lead from paint by the paint peeling and chipping, and then them eating the chips, or ...
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Filling in gaps around radiator pipes

Honestly what works best and looks good the longest for patching things like this in hardwood is your average log cabin chinking. I know that if you get the logjam chinking it will work as I have ...
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How to safely handle a (likely) asbestos popcorn ceiling encapsulation?

Encapsulation means covering an asbestos material so it cannot release asbestos dust. Asbestos popcorn ceiling can be covered with new ceiling panels or vinyl paint. One way to cover popcorn ceiling ...
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how should I determine the requirements for my specific crawlspace encapsulation?

If you add a small exhaust fan, maybe on a timer, then the air in the crawlspace will be at a lower pressure than air in the house. Air will only migrate from the house to the crawlspace, not the ...
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Should the foundation wall be insulated when encapsulating a crawl space, or not?

I think the accepted best practice is now to make crawl spaces part of your conditioned living area. Insulate and allow air to circulate like you do in the rest of the house. The best practice for ...
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How to encapsulate asbestos around water heater exhaust pipe and cinderblock wall?

I have used high temp stove paint in several cases to encapsulate vent stacks. Stove paint will not cause a fire problem while standard wall paint may cause a problem, stove paint has less body and ...
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How to encapsulate asbestos around water heater exhaust pipe and cinderblock wall?

The only way to tell if it is asbestos is to have it tested. Asbestos is added to all sorts of products to make them more heat resistant. If it is really old it probably isn’t asbestos though. To ...
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Does Age of Home need to be considered when encapsulating crawl space?

Encapsulated? I assume you had rigid insulation boards added to the interior side of the foundation walls. If there were foundation vents, did you have them sealed? If not, water could blow in and get ...
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