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For questions about panelboards (also known as "electrical panels", "circuit breaker panels", "fuse boxes", "distribution boards", "consumer units", or "load centers"). Questions about individual overcurrent protection devices should use [circuit-breaker].

A panelboard, sometimes called an "electrical panel", "circuit breaker panel", "fuse box", "distribution board", "consumer unit", or "load center", is a busbar or mounting assembly and accompanying dead front enclosure, designed to house overcurrent protection devices (fuses/fuseholders, circuit breakers) and/or circuit disconnecting means (fuseholder disconnects, circuit breakers, snap switches). Other forms of circuit protection (ground fault/residual current, arc fault, and central surge/spike) may be integrated into panelboards as well.

The individual protection devices (fuses and/or circuit breakers) found in a panelboard are discussed in .