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Corded lawnmower slowly stopped working

If the motor brushes are still good, my next step would be to check the switch. I've seen progressive plastic failure in those, or a micro switch failing. If that isn't it, I've seen these symptoms ...
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Corded lawnmower slowly stopped working

The motor's carbon brush holders may have rusted or corroded over the winter. Motor brushes normally press against the commutator under spring pressure. If the brush holders have a buildup of rust or ...
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Quiko gate opener reports "motor in thermal protection"

There's two overall possibilities here: bad connection or failed component. As it says in the manual, the thermal test may fail if the motor is badly connected. The fix to this is simple: redo the ...
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Is there a standard screwsize / thread for wiring applications?

The terminations will differ between manufacturers and so will the screw size and threads. You have the manufacturer, you should have checked with them.
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Is there a standard screwsize / thread for wiring applications?

A sewage grinder pump controller's screws are rusty. I would like to replace them. Don't. First of all, touching corroded terminals leads to problems. Ideally, terminals should make a connection so ...
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Cordless lawn mower briefly starts then cuts out

I have been frustrated with this same issue for months and finally found the fault! The battery has a tiny bit of play with it, ie it’s not locking 100% into place! Open your battery compartment and ...
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Why my circuit breaker trips when I turn off my motor?

I had a similar problem with my 3/4 HP table saw motor which functioned perfectly when turned on but tripped the GFCI receptacle it was plugged into every time I turned the motor off. The GFCI was ...
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