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I'm not sure I understand the problem. That corner is beautiful compared to most. Corner bead isn't normally screwed, though, for the reason you've encountered--screws pull way to hard and cause deformation. Use drywall nails (gently) or narrow-crown staples (like for underlayment). Be sure to keep the bead above the plane of the wall. In the photo, the top ...


Get some cardboard drywall shims. They are sold at the big box stores and can be trimmed in either direction to fit your application. You could also try trimming off 1/4" from the whole length of the corner bead.


I have roughed up the surface with red scotch brite pad or by sanding (scotch brite doesn’t make as big a mess). Then wipe with a damp rag to remove the loose particles after that the mud will stick I have done this hundreds if not thousands of times on my own home and remodels, rewires where I had to patch holes used to drill and pull wire. + Jimmie fix it ...

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