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How can I hang heavy bikes under a thick wooden shelf?

You can store bicycles vertically with the rear wheel resting on the ground: You don't need to lift the bike to hang it The fastener doesn't need to hold the full weight of the bike, only prevent it ...
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How can I hang heavy bikes under a thick wooden shelf?

Your question is "How can I hang bikes under a thick wooden shelf?" (I point this out because others have proposed alternatives for bike storage that reduce but do not eliminate footprint ...
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How can I fix a loose TV mount screw on clay hollow brick?

What not to do: When putting an anchor for a heavy load into hollow brick you really want the plug to grab into at least one inner wall. The plug in the picture is too short. can I reuse the plugs ...
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Can I run a second exterior coaxial cable to replace a problematic one?

For legal and financial reasons, you are barking up the wrong tree. Legally, you probably can't penetrate the manifold as it's not your building. This turns out to be the easiest part though. And you ...
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Drill hole external wall for security camera install

Very likely the coating is over some form of brick or concrete or cinder block. Meaning: hammer drill.
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