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To elaborate on the matchstick solution: the full wood matchstick should fit nicely into that hole, no need to break it up. They’ll stick out obviously, just cut them flush with a razor when the glue has set. You just want to fill the hole so you can start a new one. Larger holes like those on hinge plates might take a larger dowel or a golf tee. In any case,...


If you try to use the existing holes, the screws won't sit flush with the strike. Shove a few toothpicks into the existing holes along with some wood glue. After the glue dries, position the strike, drill two small pilot holes and screw in the screws. Good luck.


The holes are close enough that the new screws will probably go back into them, although at an angle. The downside is the heads of the screws will likely not sit flat inside the strike. I haven't seen a case where that hinders functionality (as the door can not be that tight in the jamb and still close anyway) but it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing ...

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