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You appear to have an "Air Gap" above the counter which the hose is coming from. That is the code approved "better than a loop" method for diswasher drains. You're fine.


Washing machines discharge the same way. The standpipe in this case is high and has its own dishwasher P-trap. A clogged sink P-trap will not cause an overflow of sink water through the stand pipe into the cabinet. The concern is that if the dishwasher empties and its P-trap is clogged, the open pipe will overflow and there will likely be no annunciation (no ...


Old washing machines used to do everything to time (except heating the water, but that's a small part of the cycle and still reasonably predictable), so would always be pretty close. Newer ones measure all sorts of things, from the weight of clothes to the dirtiness of the water. What they do with that data is unfortunately proprietary. The time can go up ...

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