Try tightening the elbow more. You don't usually have to worry about over tightening brass on brass, You can torque them pretty good. If the fitting doesn't point down, so be it, it needs to be tight.


If you can not get that elbow to stop leaking, try RTV silicone on the threads instead of the teflon tape and wait a couple days to use the washer.


Resistance measurements vary. If you put your leads together it should read zero but most digital meters don’t have a zero function. With this said I would be happy with 1.3 ohms knowing the value may be much higher and still be good. What you want to make sure of when the thermostat is turned above the current temp set point of off the contacts open or ...


These devices are like switches: when they are on, the resistance is close to zero. When they are off, the resistance is close to infinite. They are actually a metal piece that bends as it heats, with contacts welded on it.

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