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How should my base molding interface with a stair skirt?

You want to find trim/moulding that matches the design of the top piece (it looks to be about an inch wide) above the 1x6 flat piece. Cut the new piece to match the cut at the top. On the bottom, the ...
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How should my base molding interface with a stair skirt?

crip659 describes the proper way to miter this all together. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the prospect, consider a plinth block. These are readily available at home stores, or you can simply cut a ...
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Sharing a Post Between 2 Beams (Deck)

I presume you're talking about the diagonal beam meeting the "north/south" beam (since I don't see anything that looks like parallel/perpendicular at a post). You can use joist hangers - put ...
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Typical Thickness of Silicone Between Countertop and Underlay

The last one I did I had spacers to set the exact height so the top was level from the cupboard framing / supports. These spacers were all between 2 or 3mm and some points needed none. Then the dabs ...
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Egress window, drop it or change design

Technically the door to upstairs is the egress and a window is an "emergency escape and rescue opening." The modern spec for such a window is at IRC R310. If a basement has bedrooms, then ...
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