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How should I fasten a deck ledger to a concrete block wall?

Many jurisdictions have outlawed screw attachment for ledgers and beams, be it into a wooden rim joist or into concrete block. My experience tells me that screws (such as Tapcons) are woefully ...
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Is it normal to see light between the plywood on a roof deck?

There is actually a requirement that the plywood sheets are not tight against each other. The normal spacing is about 1/8 inch or the thickness of a nickel. Some installers use Plywood clips to keep ...
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Which type of paint lasts longer on outdoor wooden decks?

We use marine enamel for all rentals. We sometimes repaint a deck on houses we are selling. By far lasts longer for wood decks and quite frankly the boat paint manufacturers do a great job ...
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Which type of paint lasts longer on outdoor wooden decks?

Silicone paint is not intended for frequent foot traffic, only occasional cats and possums etc. If you stay off the deck the silicone will probably last longer, else if it gets walked on the stain ...
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