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Remove the plank next to this one then use a saw or oscillating tool to cut the fastener below the plank.


This looks like a type of concrete wedge anchor that you insert and then hammer down the "nail" to set it. These are not made to be removable. Cutting off the head is one option, or you can drill out the nail portion. You have to drill out the entire nail tho, all the way to the bottom to release the wedging force holding it in. I'm not sure why ...


You have two considerations: 1) structural, and 2) aesthetic. Structurally planning a small amount (such as 1/8” or 1/4” per ft) will not make a significant difference. However, for “L” shaped decks a hip is used to keep the edges level, allow guardrails to be installed level, etc. (Bearing, connections, etc. are probably a bigger problem, and don’t forget ...


If I understand correctly, the configuration of your deck should look like below. If it is correct, then you can replace the rim beam with 2-2x10 (see table below). You will need the table for the 2x8 joist to see whether you can reduce the size or not. But even you can downsize the joists, this approach seems very difficult, as you have to lift up a ...

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