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Is my wooden deck salvageable? Repair tips and Stain vs Paint questions

It appears to be somewhat weathered, but overall solid. You can do as much or as little as you like to it, from there. It's a deck, not a living room floor. If it's not structurally compromised (and ...
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Is my wooden deck salvageable? Repair tips and Stain vs Paint questions

I've worked on many decks that look just like that. Get a pressure cleaner/washer and go over the entire deck. You'll be surprised at how that cleans up the deck. Don't use a 4500 PSI (31 MPa) washer, ...
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Is it normal to see light between the plywood on a roof deck?

There is actually a requirement that the plywood sheets are not tight against each other. The normal spacing is about 1/8 inch or the thickness of a nickel. Some installers use Plywood clips to keep ...
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Vapor barrier (sheet) over concrete pad below ground level deck?

I would not. Your lumber is treated against rot anyway, and poly will mostly serve to trap moisture and encourage mold and odor. Let it breathe.
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Decking height - planning permission needed UK?

As defined in article 1(3) of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, height is measured from ground level - “Ground level means the level of the surface of the ...
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How to fill this hole between balcony deck and brick wall?

Looks like some bricks fell out (or in?). A mason or a DIY mason could put the bricks back in, perhaps. A possibility: Try taking out the schmutz X'd out here: Then see about either adding bricks ...
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What’s the best way to attached these 2x4’s at right angles to the balusters on this deck project?

A good way to address this connection is to use TimberLOK Structural Wood Screws in an 8" length installed as shown below in a top view. The diagram above shows dealing with the 2x4s that are on ...
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Is my wooden deck salvageable? Repair tips and Stain vs Paint questions

As a variant opinion, go underneath and look for deterioration in the structure supporting the decking. If that's showing significant issues (i.e. edges rotting off) then expect to replace the whole ...
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How To Extend A Deck

Depending very much on your Local Authority Having Jurisdiction, you might or might not need permits, plan approval, etc. and in most cases getting that part sorted (if required) will automatically ...
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45 degree beveled deck board ends butt joint at same joist

I ran into this recently on a deck repair where the original wood deck boards had a 45 lap joints and quite a few had failed due to dry rot. Coastal condition with lots of moisture and the end grain ...
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Painting Trex composite deck board

Paint simply doesn't bond to plastic very well without considerable prep-work and specialty paint. You would experience ugly peeling after just 1-2 years. Trex is specifically engineered to withstand ...
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Which type of paint lasts longer on outdoor wooden decks?

Silicone paint is not intended for frequent foot traffic, only occasional cats and possums etc. If you stay off the deck the silicone will probably last longer, else if it gets walked on the stain ...
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Is running a porch column all the way to ground footer instead of using posts underneath a bad idea?

The columns and supporting posts have different jobs, so for design, cost and aesthetic reasons it often makes sense to place them separately. You may want the columns to be placed in a way that ...
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Is my wooden deck salvageable? Repair tips and Stain vs Paint questions

Wood naturally will gray out like that. The sun and rain do that. If you want it to not do that as fast, that's where water sealer can extend the life of your deck. The board in the middle of your ...
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Remove stubborn deck nails

I was recently removing nails from boards on my deck, so that I could remove them and replace the boards. These nails were put in there 30 years ago, so some of them were very stubborn, and the heads ...
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Best Method for Fastening 4x4 Posts to Deck for Pergola Construction?

Attaching to the deck boards isn't a big deal as long as they're aligned with the beam plus foundation below. Use a hot-dip galvanized equivalent or better post base and use hot-dip galvanized ...
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Best Method for Fastening 4x4 Posts to Deck for Pergola Construction?

See where you want the posts and remove the boards. You can use concrete footings (if you do put a couple of inches of crush and run under them) or the the metal spike ones. Secure the 4x4s to the ...
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Help identifying composite decking

I installed Timber Tech on my deck so I'm pretty familiar with it. The grooves on the side are for their Concealoc fasteners that hold the decking onto the joists without screws through the decking.
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