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Thanks to everyone for the feedback. At the end we had the electrician rewire that section so we could add new studs on either side of the one that would had been cut. Took a couple hours and turned out to be a better and simpler solution.


I think I have enough research to make an answer to this. I believe it comes down to the guard available for this tool and it not meeting the requirements for a "Type 1" cut off disk. This Ridgid forum has what is supposed to be a quote from Ridgid: The RIDGID R1001 Angle Grinder has an included type 27 guard and is certified to Underwriters ...


You can, and I have done so to cut hundreds of masonry pavers. The problem is that the nut cannot be adequately tightened to ensure safety, and you'll flex the blade, potentially damaging it and causing injury. If you can avoid those issues with solid backing and positive centering there's no reason you can't use flat blades. One solution would be to ...

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