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In Europe there is apparently safety regulation that forbids companies working in crawlspaces lower then 60 cm. I found out when I had a gas-man come into my house for a quote. He told me he could not legally do the job. I searched the internet and found a reference in a Dutch site to "NEN 3140":


The Code requires a minimum of 18” clear from the bottom of wood floor framing to the ground. (See ICC Figure 403.1 (3).) I remember seeing that the bottom of beams can’t be within 12” of the ground, but I can’t find that requirement...maybe that was in an older code. Btw, don’t forget you need an 18”x24” crawl space access if you go through the floor and ...


There is no direct answer as far as building codes are concerned. A crawlspace is a designated area under the floor that allows for your house to not get flooded. That it allows you access to plumbing and electrical... or whatever, that is not its innate purpose nor is there any sort of building requirement around it. Since there is no requirement, ...


A sealed vapor barrier is indicated. More importantly, there should be insulation below the subfloor. If the crawl space cools the floor below the dew point of the air in the room, there will be expansion of the flooring, and there could be condensation. Rigid foam insulation, cut to size, with suitable R value for the climate is indicated, and ...

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