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Many hardware stores have swatches of laminate and other countertop material you can bring home. Take some home and compare visually, and after washing. Home Depot, for example, shows "Durable clink vinyl plank with reclaimed grey hardwood look", looking something like your good photo. Usually, samples picked up in-store are free.


Assuming you're installing cabinetry along the entire wall, I'd do this: Find the point on the back wall that sticks out the most. Measure out one cabinet depth and mark a line over the entire length of the floor. (Use a grout line as a reference-- even if your tiles are off-square, these are the lines your eyes will pick up as square.) Install cabinets to ...


If you put the cabinet tight to the right wall and then install the fridge next to it the cabinet will look out of square as it will be 90 degrees from the right wall. A gap will form between the right cabinet and the fridge or the fridge will be skewed. So as the cabinets run looking at your picture from right wall to left the gap in the back would have ...


I'd push the cab against the back wall and scribe a filler strip (somewhere between 1/2" and 1-1/2") on the right side. But realistically, if the counter edge on the left (beside the fridge) is perpendicular to the wall, nobody but you would ever notice.


Find and examine an exposed edge on your laminate somewhere -- most easy to find is where the front edge abuts with a wood trim strip (in custom countertop designs) or where it wraps around the front of the countertop (more common with the manufactured type with integrated backsplash). You'll be able to see the dark color of the laminate substrate and also ...

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