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What adjustments to the stove gas line so the dw will fit with the cabinets + countertop?

You typically get a small area, primarily at the bottom of the back of the dishwasher, for utility connections, including pass-through to other appliances. It will vary somewhat by dishwasher ...
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What connector to use for 3/8 AC/flex to metal weatherproof junction box in exposed outdoor location?

AC type cable is not listed for wet locations but MC may be (the stuff I purchase is it has a nylon coating). However you need a wet location connector, the ones I use I think are called. MC “deck” ...
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how can I remove broken spigot from garden hose end?

Cork from a wine bottle worked for me! Very nice hose that I did not want to cut for any reason. I had an orbit double connector break off inside of hose. I tried the cork, pushed it in and twisted ...
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