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How would I fix this leaking garage?

...Fix the roof. It's not complicated or mysterious - the roof leaks, so it's wet, and you need to stop that. Which is going to be work if it's a concrete deck ( less if removable pavers so you can ...
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What kind of concrete anchor minimizes the risk of splitting concrete that lacks rebar?

None of these should split concrete if you predrill the right size hole for that anchor and you aren't trying to install into concrete not much larger than the anchor hole. Read and follow ...
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How should I join sections of concrete sidewalk poured in stages?

You will only need expansion joints at immovable objects, foundations, other slabs that it will intersect with. If the sidewalk is really long, you may want to add one every 40 ft or so, 20 ft if ...
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How should I join sections of concrete sidewalk poured in stages?

Control joints at 6 foot intervals is fine. That's fairly typical for residential and commercial sidewalks. Expansion joints with flexible fillers are only needed every 18-24 feet (3-4 sections, in ...
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Should I buy a home with a foundation repair?

Foundations settle and crack; they pretty much all do. All foundations are prone to have water around them in the way of falling weather. Drainage will always be an issue, for the possibility of a wet ...
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