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Remove recessed faucet aerator that lacks notches

The bottom ring( the one with the stains) shown in the first picture, probably unscrews. Try dipping the end in some vinegar for a few minutes first. Would try by wrapping cloth or rubber around it ...
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How to disinfect and clean a condensate water trap

Since it appears to be all plastic, and it's been removed, I'd soak it in a moderately strong solution of chlorine bleach for a day or two, per directions on the bleach, and scrub with a bottle brush ...
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How do I remove wet latex paint from carpet?

If a small amount of dried paint (a drop) I some times cut the paint out of the carpet. Works for cigarette burns too.
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How to clean streaks from glass patio door?

They appear only on the stationary or fixed half of a sliding glass patio door, which rubs against a sliding rubber seal. It sounds to me like the rubber seal is rubbing against the glass. If this is ...
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