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Cleaning dirty waxy / oily grime on shower floor

It seems the scrubbing is the hard part but necessary. Figuring the pebble type floor is course enough why not consider like a commercial floor polisher and use a course brush in the first step. I ...
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Cleaning dirty waxy / oily grime on shower floor

Oven Cleaner and a steamer for corners. I have the same seemingly un-cleanable oily gunk in my shower. Tried everything under the sink and did Easy-Off as a last resort. It works! Just open a window ...
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How do I clean and lubricate the mortise lock on my front door

To clean the lock: disassemble and remove the handles, loosen and remove the lock cylinder(s) and/or thumbturns (remove edge cover plate, loosen setscrews a few turns, unscrew these from the lock body ...
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How much clearance is necessary for duct cleaning?

Duct cleaners are likely to use long air and vacuum hoses connected to a large device in their vehicle or stationed outside your home. They'll just need access to stand or crouch outside each vent and ...
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