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With a three wire pump, you could also investigate whether VFS (variable frequency drive) pump controller/inverter could be used. It would also soft start/stop the pump, and depending upon the inverter one can set it for a lower flow. The downside is that the inverter is about $1k, but the upside is that it may extend the life of your pump, and has greater ...


If you step back from "cistern" you've no doubt encountered "tankess" pressure-flush toilet at most public restrooms, either with a pipe like this, or with a button on the wall and less visible/exposed piping: In a typical house, you'll need a very local pressure tank and some large supply pipe between to support these things, which are designed for ...


You can certainly do it with a separate tank toilet and some inventive plumbing, but the flush performance is going to be worse than a close-coupled toilet, especially modern low flush capacity toilets that have a large flush valve that discharges the water very quickly.

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