I have seen these at Home Depot and a few other home stores. They are not cheap, about $10. I would be more concerned about why your fuses are blowing. Are the circuits overloaded? You need to determine that first. Don't even think about increasing the fuse/breaker size until you or someone else checks the wire size for the circuits. Just get a few boxes of ...


This is probably what you are looking for. Hopefully image comes thru. I've never used them, so maybe others have an opinion about them.


Depends on the label on the Heat pump, the wire size and type, and the stab rating on the panel cover. Breakers do wear out, it would still be a benefit to replace with the original size it if was the correct size to start with. It is rare that anybody installs a smaller than maximum allowed breaker at the time of installation, but the information you need ...


Try Using A radio, Plug it in, Turn it on, and set the volume to full. Then go to your circuit breakers and start switching them on and off until you hear the radio turn off.

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