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I had a similar issue with a heating fuel tank, the solution was to use a fan running 24/7 to draw the fumes out promoting a particular flow direction. Used a 4" computer fan and it was sufficient and the current owners are still using it.


One thing I don't see on your list is an air purifier. Specifically, one with an activated carbon filter. Those are specifically meant to remove VOCs.


Since you've tried all the practical solutions with no success, I'm going to recommend a not so practical one but since it's a closet, it might work. Get a heavy duty plastic drop cloth and cover the entire closet floor. Tuck the edges into the baseboard or seal the edges with painters tape.


It is likely milk-based paint, which often resists remover. Unlike normal paints that just need a solvent to remove, milk paints require a caustic, such as lye. Oddly enough, it sounds like PeelAway 1 could work to remove it, but another option would be Real Milk Paint remover. It is essentially lye with some added stuff to make it a bit easier to handle. ...

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