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How to orient towel holders on tile that is not installed straight

.8% won't be noticed by the eye Align it with the tiles - those make the most definitive line I installed a closet bar level in a closet that was way out of level and looking at it in relation to the ...
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Splashback tile to brick wall

You should use thin set. Preferably a modified thinset, unless the tile manufacturer recommends against it. The size of the trowel will also depend on what tile you are using. It is difficult to ...
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Splashback tile to brick wall

Use thin-layer mortar to make wall flat, remember to wait as long needed - check mortar description, then use choosen water resist layer on wall and if possible on floor, then put tiles on chosen ...
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Fix bathroom corner tile

The picture tells me that long-term water damage has softened the floor below the hexagonal tile in that area and caused the tile to break and subside. The tile in that area needs to be pulled up and ...
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