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The small water tank (header per Owain) looks like it has no water in it. If that is the case, then it's likely your central heating system will have air in it, and so not work effectively. Try wiggling the ball valve to see if you can get some water in the tank.


Please check that the immersion heater (the "Backer" on top of the cylinder) is switched off, as if that's left on it will cost a fortune in electricity. The cylinder stores hot water until it's needed, and it will keep warm for several days. As far as I can see you have a Potterton Suprima and it is not a combi boiler. The "scary thing" is a header tank in ...


My guess is that pin shot out of the pressure relief valve. If you look at the parts in your repair ticket it should be listed.


I have done this to some of my renovations and I was able to do two types of installation. One was to save space in a bathroom with a radiator and the other was to save space in the kitchen just like you stated. I ran the pex (has to be heating PEX with oxygen barior) straight from the supply and back to the return of the existing radiator pipes. I first ...

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