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Painting ceiling: patches alternating smooth and textured, why?

Copious paint Texture when roller rolls, no texture when roller slides due to loss of friction caused by copious paint acting as a lubricant. This can be worse on ceilings than walls because you have ...
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no power in the ceiling wire

Generally speaking when you rent an apartment you can't do your own electrical work. That's for two very important reasons: Anything that goes wrong and it can become a shouting match between ...
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How do I repair ceiling joists separating from beam/hanger?

It's very likely that those joists were never fully put on the hangers to begin with. It's extremely difficult to place a joist in a slot that is exactly large enough for it down to the millimeter. If ...
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Technique for strapping a cathedral ceiling

I'll assume that the rafters are all sagging from creep, where you need to find the lowest spot relative to a sloped plane and then make the ceiling's plane go through that point. Install a level ...
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Rental unit ceiling, unsure if this was a previous repair or current unresolved leak

Since it's a rental, I wouldn't worry about it except to get a written statement from the landlord that it isn't your fault and to keep the area directly under it free if either electrical devices or ...
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How can a round ceiling junction box be installed as new work with 5 layers of drywall and no demolition?

Reach in through the round hole and hack away some of those drywall layers from the rear until you're left with a thickness that the winged old-work box clamps can handle. The hacking work doesn't ...
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How can a round ceiling junction box be installed as new work with 5 layers of drywall and no demolition?

There are two and a half options here. These are both fairly close to product recommendations, but that's what we get for a weird case like this. Option one: if these are next to a stud, you can use a ...
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Cannot drill into ceiling above window

Presumably the window opening has a lintel across the opening to support the weight of the wall above the opening. Image source no endorsment implied Those are commonly steel or steel reenforced ...
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How do I find leak from second floor shower. Shower is located in room by itself so it's definitely from it

If it leaks only when he leans against the wall, then it is unlikely to be a pipe. Get him to lean and sit down, while you are downstairs looking for the leak. Its possibly the main shower drain or ...
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