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How would I fix this leaking garage?

...Fix the roof. It's not complicated or mysterious - the roof leaks, so it's wet, and you need to stop that. Which is going to be work if it's a concrete deck ( less if removable pavers so you can ...
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New Minka Aire ceiling fan is making this tapping noise

In my experience this is a symptom of a box that is not fan rated, and which therefore has too much flex. The box that the fan is mounted to should indicate that it is suitable for a fan; if it doesn'...
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Ceiling light fixture bracket

You need to remove the Can. Remove the wing nut holding the upper plate and remove the plate. Then remove the can. It can be done by removing three 1/4" hex head screws. ( blue line). The can ...
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Cracks In Ceiling

The pictures show cracking in the paint layer. This indicates an issue with the paint or contamination on the surface that was painted, such as oils or a substance not compatible with latex paint. ...
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shower question - what is this substance in the walls?

It looks like Durock, which is 100% approved for showers.
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