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I would verify your trusses have the capacity to add the additional weight of the strong ties and 2x4s on 16”. That is how I have done it on several buildings but I had the weight added in because I wanted clear span below. Your trusses look a bit lighter than mine were, but I can’t see much of them. But our span was similar.


You'll need the 2x4s (oriented vertically, of course, as implied by the joist hangers you linked to) to span that distance and carry drywall.


A couple ideas... Go with your magnet idea, using either the moly buttons or magnetic sheet bonded to the back. Use simple silver screws in the ceiling. Almost any ferrous screw will work, and you don't need toggle bolts. Either you'll hit lath, the plaster itself will hold, or you'll add a slim plastic plug anchor for troublesome cases. Insertion depth ...

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