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Are all ceiling fan switches interchangeable?

Everone seems to be forgetting the switch circuitry. A L312 (Circiut R) is not the same as a L123 (Circuit M) even though both are KTE 3089 switches. This means the power is different if you hook ...
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which ceiling fan rated box for engineered joists?

The answer with engineered I-joists is always "ask the manufacturer." I know that LP I-joists don't make a big deal of this sort of thing. Personally I would use 10d box nails to attach a ...
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What screw should I use for a ceiling fan?

Generally the fan is supported by the electrical box. These would be machine screws. Wood screws would be used to hold the box to the structural part of the ceiling.
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Why does my ceiling fan change direction 2 or 3 times before it finally stays in one direction?

Because there is no back EMF at zero speed, therefore motor has to start its rotation in a random direction. Once there is back EMF to be detected, then comes the direction to be assessed whether it ...
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which ceiling fan rated box for engineered joists?

It makes a difference what kind of fans you want to mount and what kind of controls you want for it. Hunter makes fairly light weight ceiling fans that are designed to use an existing light weight ...
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Correct coloured wires for a switch live extractor fan

Don’t quote me on this because I’m not an electrician. But I think in the uk it’s Live - Red / Brown Switch live - yellow / black Neutral - blue / grey Taken from here https://www.pinterest.co.uk/...
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How can I split power from wall sconce switch to power a ceiling fan?

Assuming US: With the red wire involved, you either have a two-way circuit or a switch loop. If there are only three wires in the box, it is a switch loop and you can't tap power there; you need to ...
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Ceiling fan light flickers when fan is used

Based on the diagram, I see two problems. I don't know whether or not they would cause these exact symptoms, but they are code violations and not good. Fix them and the rest of the problem may go away....
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