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Can this 1930s box support a ceiling fan?

No. The bar isn't meant for this. It is attached to the bottoms of the joists, probably with small, rusty old nails. The box is probably attached to the bar a little loosely. Looks like rivets, ...
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Fan wiring - unable to get ceiling fan work with switch

You'll want to hook your fan white wire to the ceiling white wire. Then hook your fan black wire to the ceiling red wire. Hook your green wire to the bare copper ground wire from the ceiling. Wire nut ...
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Can you use wall switches and fan speed regulator in conjunction with a ceiling fan remote or do you have to choose between the two control options?

The fan you purchased is not compatible with your home wiring as you want to use it. The home wiring can be used with the fan if either the black or red wire is capped and not used. This will not ...
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Ceiling fan not receiving power when other devices are working and there is continuity in the wires

From the original author: Edit: the problem was that one of the wire nuts inside the box containing the switch had loosened enough that while there was still some current flowing to the fan, it wasn'...
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