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I would use a router with a carbide bit, a jig to hold everything steady, a pin set at a distance to index each slot. The router would use a guide bushing, the jig would set the angle and length of cut and distance apart with the indexing pin. The side frame material would be pierced through fully, but not cut edge to edge so as to cut into multiple ...


How about a miter saw with metal abrasive blade. Set the angle and one sweep could give you the depth and width and you'd be able to see what's happening. Just a thought.


I believe this can be done in a home-shop environment using a table saw with a carbide tipped blade. I cut 25 mm square aluminum tube often enough without harming the saw. The swarf is a bit of a mess, as one might expect. The challenge here is to properly index the cuts. As you require 4 mm slots, it means two passes for each slot, along with the need to ...

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