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If you just want countertop the whole way, they can be spliced/jointed. The fancy stuff by fancy installers with fancy glues can approach a seamless appearance (for fancy prices) while typical sheet goods will have a visible seam, which is not a big deal if fancy prices don't appeal. Depending on the purpose of the countertop you could do something like hide ...


First is to wipe off all the dust and debris in the kitchen cabinet. For the stubborn grease and grime, try a degreaser- Goo Gone All Purpose Cleaner is a good one. (make sure to wear gloves because they can cause an allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin) OR you can also DIY with a damp cloth and undiluted vinegar. Wipe the greasy surface until all ...


Search for Cremone Bolt. They are a type of cabinet surface bolt latch that operates two rods or bars, usually oriented vertically with a latch bar throwing to the top and the bottom. Thanks to Van Dyke's Restoration for the pic.

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