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Spax makes screws that work exceptionally well for this application if they're frameless cabinets. They're called rear panel screws, 1.25" length #8s, but the head and thread is made to work well in MDF/particle board. They also make some MDF-specific threaded screws in other sizes, but the wafer head on the rear panel ones makes a nice, clean finish with ...


Screws are a bad idea. A #8 IMHO isn't thick enough. And 2" long is about 5/8" too long if you are using the standard 3/4" melamine coated chip board. I think you need to distribute the load over more surface, or use a lot of fasteners. Remember Murphy. If you have a wall that is half an inch out of flat, you are going to try to uses these screws to ...


I've had good luck with so-called "connecting screws". They are a two-part design, with both sides having a head. One end is like a machine screw with a pan head, the other part has a pan head, but the shaft is hollow and threaded for the opposing end to screw into. They are designed specifically for this purpose. You can get them in various lengths and ...


Most of this style I have installed are magnetic. If you can’t get a finger behind it a screwdriver may be needed to pop it open.


In most cases those will work nicely. At times, though, drawing force is substantial. The world isn't flat and level and hardwoods can be stubborn. Feel free to use those screws, properly piloted and countersunk, but be prepared to use conventional flute-head screws (gold construction screws) behind hinges or in other hidden locations to do some heavy ...


Golf tees work great. may need to drill out first to get enough of the tee in the space--coat with plenty of glue and allow time for it to completely dry. Cut carefully with utility knife.

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