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How can I remove these screws from a brick wall?

Enlarge the hole a little bit enough to loosen the bolt and tug it out side by side. No harm done with just filling up the hole with a bit of plaster or polyfiller and sanding it down.
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Should I try to open filled brick weep holes?

Weep holes: No structure is 100% waterproof, and weep holes allow both water and moist air to escape the structure, so that it doesn't start going mouldy or rotting (which would cause problems over ...
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How to insulate under a front door

Go with both. If it needs to come apart in 10 yrs' time, you'll have to wreck it anyway. Gently push the fibreglass towards the back of the void, then use spray foam for the final 3 or 4". When ...
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How to remove mortar stains on bricks?

A dilute solution of muriatic acid or nowadays, Sure-Clean, which has acid in it too has been the go-to method of cleaning brick. Power washing will help too, but even that has been done with one form ...
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