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What type of mortar should be used for small mortar repair on a 100 year old house?

This is 4 years old, but I figured I'd add an answer for anyone else who stumbles on this in a google search. Yes, historic buildings need mortar that matches the older brick strength; N (psi 750) and ...
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How to fill this hole between balcony deck and brick wall?

Looks like some bricks fell out (or in?). A mason or a DIY mason could put the bricks back in, perhaps. A possibility: Try taking out the schmutz X'd out here: Then see about either adding bricks ...
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Can I set bricks into my concrete slab as height guides?

Just do what every concrete job normally does and set screed guides (usually the tops of the forms - takes a fairly huge job to required intermediate ones, which are fussy and annoying because you ...
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Mounting doorbell camera on brick facade

Dig out the sealant, replace it with an appropriate mortar. You can probably shift the wire's position up or down while doing so,bto arrange things do the top hole (which takes most of the strain) ...
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Mounting doorbell camera on brick facade

Some possible options: Remove sealant and put something in taht place Move camera to side Mount some kind of plate on wall then mount camera to plate Make cavity in wall for camera Use glue Use epoxy ...
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Brick Restoration

A similar question already has answers, but I don't find them satisfying. So here's my take: First, take a look at the surface of the bricks. When people paint over bricks, usually the reason is that ...
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How can I install a door in this opening?

Look at how other doorframes are built. Use that as a guide to build rough wood framing into this opening, with transom at floor, uprights along each side, a crosspiece to define the top of the door ...
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