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As noted in the comments, you * NEED * to be positive that this isn't 70s vintage, because of the possibility of asbestos. If this was my house, I'd send a sample to a lab. What's behind the wall depends on the vintage of the house itself. If it's post-50s, it's probably a manufactured board product like drywall. Prior to that, it's apt to be some kind of ...


You should try J-B Weld. It worked great on a water pump for several years.


Weight capacity, no problem. Staying put, noise from motion, stubbing your toes, limited height adjustability; all probable or definite problems. Bed frames in perfectly usable shape tend to go for a song at secondhand stores, or end up in the waste stream as they rarely get sold and too many are donated. I suggest you go buy one of them, and then see if ...


That looks like the board just slides upward. See the slot underneath the board? Lift up on the board with the pegs, and gently tap the board with the slot downward using a hammer or something. The board with the pegs probably has some J hooks that slide into the slot and hook over a peg, dowel, or whatever that crosses through the slot. Edit: Here's a ...

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