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Repair options for beam notch

A the level of detail provided - steel plates. Nailed, structural-screwed or bolted if it's a timber beam, or welded if it's a steel beam (you're really not giving us much detail to work with here.) I ...
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Creating takeoff for LVLs should this be two long beams spanning full distance or four?

I'd just go ahead and order the pair of 26 foot length. Meanwhile, send a question to the engineer to find out whether it's acceptable to install the LVLs at full 24 foot length, or whether the ...
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Can I remove these posts supporting ceiling beams?

You are asking about the brown beams and the white posts. Whether the brown beams are structural or decorative is best determined by an engineer, but given it's a cathedral ceiling, my guess is they ...
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Can I remove these posts supporting ceiling beams?

TL;DR: Get an architect or structural engineer on site to make a fully qualified, license & livelihood depend on being right, assessment of the situation. IIUC, the interior picture is the upper ...
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