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What does "attic access required" mean in the context of a bathroom exhaust fan?

For the panasonic fan I recently installed in my home, it means that the method of installation requires screws to be driven into a bracket on the top of the fan, on the attic side, after the fan is ...
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What's going on with the plumbing under my bathroom sink?

It's a nothingburger. That is just cheap spray foam insulation (expanding... expanding more than the person installing it thought). It was put there to keep insects/rodents out or to gain a little r-...
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a foul smells lingers 1 day AFTER showering

I suspect improper plumbing venting. Beneath each drain is what's called a trap. The trap is U or P shaped and fills with water to prevent gasses in your sewer pipes from wafting into the room. The ...
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