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I ran jb-weld (the quick variety, probably doesn't affect it) all up and down that bad seam, seems to be holding well. Other tip: try and clean it out as best you can before caulking/jb-weld. Other tip: try to figure out if the drain is backed up, and clear it, normally water shouldn't be getting into that seam at all... FlexSeal on top wouldn't hurt but ...


Most toilets in the USA use one of two sizes, and have for many years even as the water usage and tank size have changed. Measure the existing seat at its widest and distance from mounting holes to front and you should find an easy match in any hardware store. Once you know the type, you can find what colors, finishes, materials, hinges etc. are available.


Toilet seats are available in a variety of colors and materials, plastic, wood, padded. There are dozens if not hundreds of options. Your toilet appears? to have an elongated bowl, as opposed to a standard bowl, so you need to make sure you get an elongated seat. Most seats are universal fit, except for some custom toilets, so you should be able to buy an ...

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