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Bathroom fixtures include things like safety handrails, faucets, shower heads, towel bars, toilet paper holders, shower caddies, soap holders and so on. Use this tag for questions about installing, repairing and possibly troubleshooting them.

Bathroom fixtures are hardware devices that are used to either help with the activities in the , or for organizing the supplies used there. They are generally affixed to the house's infrastructure: faucets to the and/or or , other fixtures such as safety hand-rails or towel bars directly to the .

Common bathroom fixtures include:

  • faucets for controlling the flow of water; see for more information.
  • shower heads for directing and dispersing the water in a shower; see for more information.
  • safety handrails to assist with keeping your balance, sitting down or standing up while using the bathroom; see for more information.
  • towel bars for holding towels near where they're needed; large ones by the bathtub and small ones by the bathroom sink. Some of them are heated, either by electricity or by pumping warm water through them.
  • toilet paper holders, usually mounted on a wall within easy reach of a toilet.
  • shower caddies, installed in a bath or shower surround to hold bathing supplies such as shampoo and soap. We welcome questions about the types that are mounted directly to the surround.
  • soap holders can be found in bath and shower surrounds as well as near the bathroom sink.