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Understanding the concerns with vented to unvented retrofit of attic

There are just really two components: How much is this insulating my attic? How much is this helping my home? For #1 you need to install some sort of radiant barrier like atticfoil. There are ...
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Understanding the concerns with vented to unvented retrofit of attic

Your proposal of insulating with solid poly panels is completely feasible with very little to no chance of condensation. It is common in much of Florida where the weather is hot with a few months of ...
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Stud framing for drywall on a sloped ceiling

If the attic ventilation, insulation and vapor barrier are all done within the rafter spacing, and the rafter-to-rafter spacing is 24" (60.96cm) or less, screw the drywall into the rafters and ...
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Is this water damage in my attic?

Zoom waaaaay in and follow the stain upwards. Where that stain would meet the roof, you can just barely see what looks like a seam between two panels of roof sheathing. It's possible that you have/...
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How can I tell if water damage in an unfinished attic is new?

Check for residual moisture. Feel whether it's damp or cool, or use a moisture meter. Check for fresh mold or mildew. Does anything rub off? Does it have a strong odor? Inspect for dust, insect ...
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