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Usually you'd add new joists of the correct size, in between (but not fastened too) the old joists. Pack them up slightly off the wallplate (10mm or so) so any flex in the new joists won't touch the existing ceiling. This method separates the old existing ceiling from the new floor and ensures that the new loads from above are transferred to the wallplate (...


I doubt 2x4 joists on 16" centers are going to support a floor, you may have to run 2x6's over the span all the way to the top plates of the walls. This is probably something that a structural engineer should look at.


The flexible ducts should have something solid or semi solid inside to prevent them from folding or collapsing as long as the curves and bends are according to design and their installation instructions. You should not have to switch to solid ducts to solve this problem. If the flexible ducts had no structure they would be like balloons and collapse when ...

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