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Check your reversing valve!! Was havingg the same problem. Reversing valve is stuck. Good luck. A little more on the cost side.


Update - my temporary install has been a 6" hose straight up through a manhole in the ceiling. I've used some old suspended ceiling tiles to block the manhole other than a 6" hole for the hose. This admittedly rough solution knocks ~5 degrees off the room temperature, but sadly does vent straight into the roof space. For the condensate hose, I drilled a ...


Don't over think it, it's simple. Bottom open during winter, top open during summer. My top ones don't even close. If the bottom ones are open that's where the majority of the air is drawn from Adjust Return Registers for Winter It’s important to remember that hot air rises and cold air falls. In the winter you want the cold air to be drawn ...


We have a portable AC as well. Since the original pipe was too short, the only way to run the exhaust was to swap it out for the piping you have pictured at the top. It stretched over the original terminations at the AC unit and the window just fine. I held in place with duct tape. The pipe I used was 15' long compared to the original 6' pipe like you have. ...

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