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Should the tank be pressurized when draining water from my air compressor?

It is safe to open the drain while the tank is fully pressurized. The compressed air helps force the water out of the tank. You do not have to de-pressurize the tank after using the compressor. Edit: ...
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Mystery threading on broken compressor output valve

That mystery thread is not a customer facing feature. it's from the manufacture of the valve. and the valve has now split into two pieces. The missing part of the valve would have the ball seat for ...
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AirCompressor copper line to 1 of the smaller tanks was broken I removed to repair and a gallon or so of oval/round beads fell out not metal or glass

They are Desiccant Air Drying beads. To be safe, check with the manufacturer. It isn't clear where they were supposed to be, inside a filter or just in the tank. Since this is Home Improvement SE, I ...
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McGraw air compressor won't turn on

I sometimes forget and put mine up with pressure in the tank. Then it won't start until I use it and the pressure drops. –
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