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Flip the electrical socket over Turn main breaker off, make sure both sockets are dead, 1 coverplate screw, 2 yoke screws, rotate 180, put it back in. Don't even need to take the wires off (actually: don't). Now your appliance cord is working as intended: giving a flush-to-wall socket that you can back furniture up against, yet allowing both sockets to be ...


I don’t understand why Ecnerwal’s Answer doesn’t provide a solution to your problem. But here is a portable adapter with the rotating socket.


I know exactly what you mean, those plugs are just a nuisance most of the time. @Ecnerwal's answer using a short extension cord is going to be the simplest and cheapest way to work around this. Another option - I will often re-terminate cords to get them the exact length I want, you could do the same to get a regular straight plug. A decent quality UL ...


Simplest and most reliable option (no sliding contacts required) is a 1 foot extension cord (or a longer one, but 1 foot will get the desired degree of freedom.)

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