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For questions about switches, i.e. electrical devices used to manually open and close an electric circuit on a routine basis.

switch to the top half of the outlet for the garbage disposal, and the other pole is wired to the bottom half always-hot for a dishwasher. To add an outlet in the current box, you'll have to turn off … together. The new pigtail will be the neutral for your new outlet. Then remove the black wire from the top of the current disposal switch, and wire-nut two pigtails to it, one for the hot on your new …
answered Apr 5 '19 by Nate S.
Removing the cover to look at the switch is safe IF you first turn off power to the circuit at the breaker panel. If you aren't completely sure which circuit it is, then either turn them all off, or … double-check with a multimeter or non-contact voltage detector. However, most likely you will not be able to see what's wrong with the switch because the damage will be inside the plastic housing …
answered Apr 22 '19 by Nate S.
This can be done with wireless smart bulbs (or fixtures) and a remote switch in place of your current light switch. I'm going to describe how to do it with the Phillips Hue series, since I'm more … , to control it at the location of your current light switch, install a wall-mounted remote. For your current light switch, you can either leave it in place as a way to disable the whole system, or …
answered Apr 23 '19 by Nate S.