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A kitchen appliance with burners (cook top, stove top, hob). This is distinct from a range which is a appliance with both a stove top and an oven.

The stove may be one of the more modern types known as having "dual fuel". I have one of those and the cook top burners above are using natural gas while the oven operates on electricity. In fact … even the oven has two operating modes selectable between static heat generation and convection with the hot air being moved around. As such the stove unit has a 50A electrical hookup and a gas line hookup. …
answered Jul 6 '17 by Michael Karas
It is possible that the element that you purchased has a defect in it. The element may act as if it has continuity for electrical current to flow through it when cold. As it heats up there is some exp …
answered Aug 21 '15 by Michael Karas
Is the remaining portion of the tube a soft metal like brass? Even if it was steel I would think that you could use some strong pliers to get ahold of the upper edge and start to bend it inward. doing …
answered Dec 17 '14 by Michael Karas
Putting the stove in the corner like you propose also gives you some nice space to work with for routing the pipe up into the ceiling / roof area or out an exerior wall. Seems to me that re-routing …
answered Sep 13 '12 by Michael Karas