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Use this tag when the topic is about organized storage for quick-access, with or without doors, like in a kitchen or a pantry, and as opposed to open shelving..

Absolutely, install backers. I prefer 2X6 backers. This will make your life so much easier when you install your cabinets. …
answered May 2 '14 by shirlock homes
Your cabinets are probably a melamine covered press particle board type. You should be able to use the Rustoleum product you mentioned in your question. You could also paint them. What you cannot do is sand and stain them because there is no real wood veneer to work with. …
answered Apr 23 '11 by shirlock homes
Interesting question Ryan. Over the years I have bought a lot of doors and drawer fronts, but never a drawer box as a component. I suspect if you have 6 piece drawers, you might be able to get the box …
answered Feb 8 '12 by shirlock homes
Always an interesting choice. Most new construction puts cabinets on the subfloor. One of the reasons for doing this is to avoid damaging the new floors during construction. Floors are one of the … last items to complete so it is much easier to install cabinets first. The downside is that when a future remodeling is done, the footprint of the old cabinets rarely matches the new plan. Now you are …
answered Jul 16 '16 by shirlock homes
Magnet latches are cheap and rarely work well. Consider replacing the hinges with capture, European style closing hinges that hold doors closed and don't require any mechanical holding devise on the o …
answered Dec 17 '10 by shirlock homes
Ok serious answer. If in fact they are urethane, start with Dawn. If that isn't quite strong enough, step up to Barkeeper's Friend powdered cleaner. It will clean and polish most anything and not sc …
answered Jun 12 '11 by shirlock homes
I was just looking at the site you mentioned in your question. Definitely factful, but not the best DIY tutorial, and leaves out many alternative methods. I have always preferred to mount cabinets … through the backer above the top panel of the cabinet so the mounting screws do not show inside the cabinet. Even cabinets with a thin flimsy back panel can be successfully hung to the studs if you …
answered Dec 5 '10 by shirlock homes
A laminate trimmer is pretty specialized and not a good choice for deeper wood working. A decent lockable plunge router can handle all the tasks you listed. I would invest in a good quality larger rou …
answered Mar 19 '13 by shirlock homes
First, let's assume the cabinets and floor are level and the ceiling is not. I would have taken the time to shim the strapping on the ceiling before installing the new drywall or ceiling tiles. This … is standard procedure in a good renovation project. Normally, one would shoot a laser around the room and level the ceiling as a first step in the process before cabinets were installed. Depending how …
answered May 21 '14 by shirlock homes
horizontal nailer installed between studs for this specific purpose. you may have to remove a strip of sheetrock to install a nailer. Do not screw into just sheetrock, even with anchors or your cabinets … will be on the floor before you know it. Don't use drywall screws, get cabinet screws that have a built on washer. 2) Adjacent cabinets need to be clamped together and fastened together through the …
answered Mar 26 '13 by shirlock homes
There are two concerns here. 1) installing base cabs on a floating floor is never a good idea. 2) since it is a peninsula, I assume there will be a 90 degree angle at the counter tops with a miter joi …
answered Nov 28 '10 by shirlock homes